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The Cabal of Innocent Absurdity
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Monday, May 19th, 2008
2:23 pm
Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade
I know this might not be entirely on-topic. But...

So I got this e-mail about something cool going on in Discordia. I think it's such a great idea that I'm taking it upon myself to tell LJ about it.

Hail Yes

I hadn't even realized it was Discordia's 50th (or 49th) anniversary. This is cool 'cause we get to celebrate the 50 year mark for two years in a row. It's our Golden Apple anniversary. =)

I love the idea of an online party which brings together Discordians from all sections of the web. It's also cool that it's anonymous. It'll make communicaiton really interesting. I created this journal so that nobody suspects my true identity. :-)

Anyway, there's not a lot of time until the party starts, so I'm trying to pass the invite around as quickly as possible. If you have any ideas for where else we should advertise, please post! Or optimally, you should go there and get some buzz going.

I'll see you guys at the party! Hail Eris!
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
10:45 pm
It is the 23rd of May. An auspicious day indeed.

In honor of that day, I shall do my best to tell you how to play the game Bang.Collapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
1:02 am
This is a FAQ. Okay, it's not a FAQ. I lied. It's a hypothetical person asking questions and me answering.

So-called Frequently Asked QuestionsCollapse )
1:01 am
Acts of Innocence often involve acting like a small child. Things like prancing around in the sunshine, stomping in puddles and playing on a playground may fall under this category. It's important that it isn't forced, though. That's not very innocent, is it?

Acts of Absurdity tend to involve doing random and bizarre things. This could mean Mindfucks but it could also simply be playing weird games and partaking in chaos for chaos' sake. Absurd acts are done for one's own entertainment and enjoyment.

Speaking of weird games (we were speaking of weird games, right?), games are very important for innocence, absurdity, innocent absurdity, absurd innocence and absurdence. In fact, most Discordians seem to like games.

Some fun games (or so I've been told):

* 1000 Blank White Cards - This is a brilliant game. If I get my scanner working, I may post some cards from our (that being mine and my friends') deck.

* Sink - Sinking people in quicksand is not advised.

* Discordian Hopscotch - This makes you look like you are conducting demonic rituals. Always a plus.

* Ghost/Spook - I haven't played the Spook variant, but Ghost is a great game for playing during long car trips or just whenever.

* Bang - A game created by me and Bazil Johnnysmote and based loosely on Biff.

There are many more I could name and probably will another time.

NOTE: Add the word "Strip" to the beginning of any of these and you have a creative variation of which we approve most heartily.
12:48 am
Our Mission
The Cabal of Innocent Absurdity is about freedom. It's about the freedom to be innocent, the freedom to be perverse, the freedom to be reasonable, the freedom to be absurd.

It is about the freedom to believe things that are not true (or maybe they are), bring logic to things that have no logic and illogic to logical things.

The Cabal of Innocent Absurdity is eating popsicles under a bridge and running up and down small dirt hills. It's about skinned knees and funny hats and long, complicated explanations for simple things and simple explanations for complicated things. The Cabal of Innocent Absurdity is childish and humourous and trippy and bizarre and, most significantly, ABSURD.

The Cabal of Innocent Absurdity has no real reason to exist. It accepts this. It also states that neither does anything else, including you, I and the Universe itself. Reason has nothing to do with it.

The Cabal of Innocent Absurdity wants YOU to be absurd, too. It's good for you... or maybe it's just absurd.
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